Public sector

Public sector

Many of the challenges faced by the public sector mirror those within the private sector with a delicate difference. Knowledge and experience is required to understand the difference and tailor services accordingly.

We can serve the public sector with:

Risk Management: Assessing and identification of key risks and developing a risk register to assist management of the identified risks.

Internal audit: Systems and risk based audits of procedures and internal controls.

Performance Audit: This is one of the key tools in performance management. We undertake evaluation of performance and determine the ways to improve service delivery, efficiency and achievement of strategic objectives in general.

Financial Management: It is an essential element of good corporate governance. With a number of years of experience in diverse sectors we have a team of professionals who can give you a world class financial management advisory service.

Corporate governance: Relates to the way your organisation is structured, organised and controlled. We can assist you in reviewing existing corporate governance framework, structure and processes. We can also assist you in establishing an effective corporate governance framework, structure and processes.

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